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You Asked It


This is a monthly newsletter published by the 15th of each month.  News articles are based on questions received, current food safety issues, or information based on the time of year.

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Kicking Old Habits in the New Year!
What is a Fruit Shrub?
Using Expired Yeast for Bread
Skimming the Fat
Rainbow Color in Meat
Cooking Slow in a Fast-Paced World
Why is Vanilla so Expensive?
Increase in Fast Food Restaurants
What is Sous Vide Cooking?
What is Parched Corn?



Avoid the Raw Water Fad
Walk Kansas is Almost Here!
The Powerful Potency of Plant Foods
Super Bowl Food Safety Toolkit
New Bread Sculpture Contest at Fairs
The History of the Humble Pot Pie
Are Your Dried Beans Old?
Enjoy Cherries in February
Removing Odors from Appliances
Candy Making Tips



What is the Keto Diet?
Using Pyrex® in Pressure Cookers
Homemade Play Dough Safety
Incubator Kitchens for Food Businesses
Walnut Syrup and Birch Syrup
Science and Our Food Supply Curriculum
Keep the Beat™ Recipes
Home Baking Association Educator Award
Kansas Nutrition Council Conference
2018 Urban Food Systems Symposium



Freeze-Dried Foods
Private Water Well Information
Spring Break Food Safety
How to Store Honey
Long-Term Health Effects of Foodborne Illness
Food Preservation Classes Scheduled
Explore the NORS Dashboard
Keep the Egg Hunt Safe!
Add Crunch with Celery!
New Items for Food Preservation



What is CRISPR?
All Produce Matters
Testing for Mold in the Home
Check Your Mouth!
2018 Kansas Health Symposium
What is a Thawing Tray?
Kids Cook Monday
Screen-Free Week



Eating Out by the Numbers
CFSAN Resources for You!
New Food Preservation Resources
Using Natural Pectin in Fruit Pie
Food Safety for Moms-to-Be
Preserve Smart App
Summer Ag Adventure Challenge
How to make Cherry Raisins
Canning in Half-Gallon Jars
Beyond the Trash Can



Reducing Food Waste
NIH Body Weight Planner
The Hot Spot of Hot Peppers
Does Pectin Expire?
Consumer Food Safety Education Conference - 2019
It's Melon Season! Serve Them Safe!
Judging Foods and Food Preservation at Fairs
The Changes are Coming to Nutrition Facts
What is Legionnaires' Disease?
Evaluation Artisan Bread



What is A2 Milk?
Do Not Can White-Fleshed Peaches
Shopping Tips for Food Dehydrators
What is Blue Baby Syndrome?
The Food Freshness Card™
Is it Safe to Re-use Pickling Brine?
Preserving Onions
Reducing Salt in Pickles
Food Recall Trends
What's in a Hot Dog?



Fish Oil Supplements Deemed Non-beneficial
What is Clean Meat?
September is Food Safety Education Month
What is Bacillus cereus?
Pre-Cut Melon and Salmonella
Symptoms of Salmonella
Salmonella and Crackers
Electronics and Food Safety
Canning Soup



Fresh Tomatoes and Salmonella
Using Tomatoes from Frost-killed Vines
Helping Kansans with Food Preservation
What is Black Vinegar?
Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice
American Toddlers Favorite Vegetable
Cooking under Pressure Webinar
The Story of Your Dinner
What is Cyclospora?
Probiotics and Prebiotics



Keep Holiday Meals Safe!
Writing Food Safe Recipes
FDA Removes Seven Flavor Additives
Turkey Time Webinar
Protecting Cantaloupes
Gluten-free Risks in Restaurants
New Report on Foodborne Disease Outbreaks
Preserving Cauliflower
Do You Choose Lower Fat Foods?



Have a Healthy Holiday Season!
2019 Consumer Food Safety Education Conference
New Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans
EatWheat.org - Telling the Story
Promoting Classroom Physical Activity
Tracking Food Expenditures
After the Hunt
Allergen in Red Meat Associated with Heart Disease
Antibiotic Resistance