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Rapid Response Center

Local Foods Resources for Kansans 

Local Foods in Your Community!

Eating Locally: Supporting Health & Properity for Kansans - Kansas Department of Health and Environment

Barber County Residents Rally to Help Feed Students, Others

Rise Cowley!

Northwest Kansas

Homesteading 9-1-1

View our videos on a variety of homesteading topics on our KSRE YouTube Channel

Starting a Value Added Business

Your Kansas FarmYour Kansas Farm, Open for Business!
Webinar recordings from June 2, 2020

Shopping Direct from Farmers

Gardening and Farmers Markets

Getting a Garden Started
All Things Herbs
Harvesting and Storing Fresh Produce
Farmers Markets
Farmers Market
Farmament post-harvest losses and traceability app

Farmament is a web-based app for recording food losses and for traceability for small-scale produce growers. Growers can also record plantings, crop surveys, harvests, processing, shipping, sales and more.

Meat and Poultry

Direct Marketing
Processing Meat at Home

Food Preservation

canningFor selling preserved foods, please contact the Kansas Value Added Foods Lab.