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You Asked It


This is a monthly newsletter published by the 15th of each month.  News articles are based on questions received, current food safety issues, or information based on the time of year.

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Local Meat Marketing Workshops
Food Safety in Blessing Boxes
Kansas Local Food Purchase Assistance Program
Women Managing the Farm Conference
2023 National Festival of Breads
Science in Your Shopping Cart
Fruit Basket Gifts
Meat Processors Support Programming
The Food We Waste
2023 Kansas Nutrition Council Conference



February is American Heart Month
Direct-to-Consumer Virtual Workshops
NDSU Field to Fork Webinars
Partnership for Food Safety Education Webinar
When and Ingredient Statement Says "Spice"
Stick to SMART Nutrition Goals
Home Baking Association Educator Award
The History of Local Foods
Avoid Food Safety Penalties!
Egg Substitutes



Celebrate National Ag Day!
2023 National Nutrition Month®
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Corned Beef!
Food Safety for Direct to Consumer Sales
Food Business Conference
The Allergen Sesame Now Required on Food Labels
Go Nuts!
Morel Mushroom Identification Training
Preserving Fresh Asparagus
Reminder About Frostings and Fillings



Foods and Food Preservation Judges Training
Kansas Garden Guide
Add Lamb to Spring Meals
Small Meat Processor Food Safety Assessment
Easter Egg Hunt Alternatives
Preparing Hard Boiled Eggs
Easter Egg Safety
The Myths About Safety of Raw Flour
Food Recall Basics
The Costs of Food Recalls



30 Years of Food Safety Changes
From Freezing to Canning: The Role of Temperature in Preserving Food
Kansas 4-H State Fair Rule Change
Judging Foods and Food Preservation at Fairs
Kansas Micro-Internship Program
Is It Done Yet?
Attention Professional Sourdough Bakers!
Salmonella in Raw Flour
What is Hepatitis A?
Making Fruit Leather



Food Preservation Resources
2023 National Festival of Breads
Peeling Produce Before Preserving
Easy Peeling
Produce Storage Tips
Cheese Please!
World Food Safety Day
Celebrate Juneteenth with Red Foods!
A Caution about Fats and Oils in Canning
Temporary Food Stand Guidelines



Why is Headspace Important in Canning?
2023 4-H Wheat Expo
Summer School for Consumer Food Safety Education
Baking Pie in Disposable Pans
Temporary Food Stand Safety
Freezing Food for the Fair
Food Safety Posters for Fairs and Other Events
Have a Food Safe Fourth of July!
Safely Preserving Tomatoes
Reminder About Elderberries



Fresh Lemons vs. Bottle Lemon Juice for Canning
New Website for Kansas Local Foods
Choosing Vinegar for Pickling and Canning
Kansas 4-H/FFA Wheat Expo Reminder
Check Canning Lids for Defects
Jam and Jelly Problems and Solutions
A Caution About Preserving White Peaches
Climate Change and Vibrio Infection
Don't Flunk Food Safety!
Preserving Melons



Food Safety Education Month
Kansas Local Food Community Roundtables
Vacuum and Reduced Oxygen Packaging
Kansas Local Foods Fellow Program
Sunscald on Vegetables - Safe for Canning?
Make Time for Food Preservation
Center for Rural Enterprise Engagement
Kansas Agriculture Producer Survey
Avoid Canning Tomatoes Frozen on the Vine
Canning Previously Frozen Tomatoes




Better Process Control School for Acidified Foods
Safe Flour Handling: Know Your "Roll"
Fall Canning Tips
Safer Food Choices
Preserve the Best Tomatoes
Do Tomatoes Ned to be Peeled Before Canning?
Drying and Roasting Pumpkin Seeds
Preserving Pumpkins
Color Changes in Home Canned Foods
Updated Electric Water Bath Canner



Turkey with a Side of Food Safety!
Can Two Turkeys Be Rosted in One Oven?
How Safe is Food After a Fire?
Videos on Thanksgiving Food Safety
November is National Diabetes Month
Is it Safe to Re-Can Already Canned Food?
Mailing Food Gifts
Map the Meal Gap 2023
Don't Forget to Clean the Sink!
Cleaning and Storing Canners



Bon Appétit to a "Bacteria-free Buffet"
You Asked It! Newsletter Changes
Sweet Potatoes vs. Yams
Preserving Horseradish
Give the Gift of Food Mixes in a Jar
Brewing and Fermentation Science Short Course
2024 Regional Farmers Market Workshops
Are "Pop Up" Timers Reliable?
It's Cranberry Season!
Cost of Thanksgiving Meals