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A Judge's Role

Here are some new publications from Kansas 4-H on the role of a judge. Check it out!

Food Safety of Frostings and Fillings

There are many recipes for frostings and fillings. But when choosing a recipe to use for a fair exhibit, keep food safety in mind as not all are safe to store at room temperature. See our new publication on this topic and the science behind the recipe.

Virtual Fair Judges Training

First, thank you for your decision to judge foods and/or food preservation at county fairs or the State fair. This experience can be very rewarding for you and is a great way to help educate youth and others in making good quality and safe products.

Below are resources to help educate you on how to be a judge for foods and food preservation. Please take the time to review the materials on each topic. These webinars were held and recorded in April, 2023. 

Kansas State Fair 4-H Division

Session 1 - Overview of Fair Judging

Introduction to Fair Judging - Presentation slides (PDF)

The 4-H Project Exhibit: A Judge's Role

Consultative Judging of a 4-H Project Exhibit

Session 2 - Foods & Nutrition

And the Winner Is! Judging Tips and Food Safety - Presentation slides (PDF)

And the Winner Is! - Tips on judging foods, condensed version of Powerpoint


Judge's Guide for Foods & Nutrition Exhibits - Updated March 2019

Key Breadmaking Temperatures

When are Baked Goods Done?

Bread Machine Problems and Solutions

Bread Sculpture Contest - TBD

Foods and Nutrition Labels

Foods Label

Foods and Nutrition Scorecards

Foods Exhibit Evaluation Form

Food Gift Basket Evaluation Form

Food Educational Exhibit Evaluation Form

Session 3 - Food Preservation 

Just Because it Seals, Doesn't Mean it's Safe! - Presentation slides (PDF)

And the Winner Is! - Tips on judging food preservation, condensed version of Powerpoint


Judging Tips for Food Preservation

10 Tips for Safe Home-Canned Food (Spanish)

Sassy Safe Salsa at Home (Spanish)

What's Your Elevation? (Spanish)

Dry Meat Safely at Home (Spanish)

Food Preservation Judging Criteria

Food Safety Recommendations for Food Preservation Exhibits - Updated March 2019

Judging Home Preserved Foods - University of Georgia

Food Preservation Problems and Solutions

Canning Meat - Problems and Solutions

Food Preservation Labels

Food Preservation Labels Small 1 x 2.58

Food Preservation Labels Large 2 x 4