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Food Preservation Recipes

Preserving food safely starts with reliable, tested recipes and resources. Using practices and recipes from untested sources can lead to a high risk of foodborne illness. We strongly recommend that you should not use old canning methods or recipes from relatives, friends, neighbors, or from untested internet websites.

The following resources have a wide variety of recipes to preserve your favorite foods safely using today's food preservation practices.


NEW Caution on Canning White Peaches

There is evidence that some varieties of white-flesh peaches are higher in pH (i.e., lower in acid) than traditional yellow varieties. The natural pH of some white peaches can exceed 4.6, making them a low-acid food for canning purposes. At this time there is no low-acid pressure process available for white-flesh peaches nor a researched acidification procedure for safe boiling water canning. Freezing is the recommended method of preserving white-flesh peaches.

White Peaches