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Home Canning Videos

Below are videos to help you learn how to safely can foods at home. These videos were produced by K-State Research and Extension News Media Services and funded by a grant from the Kansas Health Foundation.

See all of the following videos on the KSRE YouTube Channel!

Preserve it Fresh, Preserve it Safe: Home Canning and Preserving

Just a reminder! Always be sure to wash your hands before, during and after handling food!

General Information 
Recommended Recipes
Choosing the Right Recipe 
The Science Behind Home Canning 
Preventing Botulism in Home Canning 

Maintaining Your Canning Equipment

Contact your local Extension office to
get your pressure gauge tested.

We can ONLY test the brands National,
Presto, Maid of Honor, and Magic Seal.

Water Bath Canning 
Salsa Time! 
Cooking Salsa 
Preparing and Filling Jars 
Water Bath Canning Salsa 
Removing Your Jars 
Storing and Using Salsa 
Pressure Canning 
Canning Meat - Raw Pack 
Canning Meat - Hot Pack 
Canning Meat Using a Pressure Canner 
Canning Meat - Achieving and Maintaining Pressure 
Cool Down After Processing 
Removing Jars from the Canner