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Have a Fun, Healthy, and Active Celebration!
Food Science in Action Competition
Taste and Smell Affects Eating Well
What's Going on with Romaine Lettuce?
Freezing Avocados
Apples and Baking
Kansas Ag Stress Resources
Sodium and Your Health
Start the Year with a Clean Fridge
Alternative Proteins



Plan Now for Gardens and Food Preservation
2020 HBA Educator Award Contest
Don't Let the End Zone be the Danger Zone!
Feeding Your Future
Scholarships in Food Science
February is American Heart Month
Hudson Cream Flour Festival
Tea May Help Brain Health
2020 Kansas Nutrition Council Conference
2020 Regional Farmers' Market Workshops



What to Expect When Processing Meat
Fresh Ground Beef Color: A Consumer Guide
Heat Processing of Food
March is National Nutrition Month®
No Canning Recipes for "One Jar Meals"
See Clearer with Green Foods!
Kansas Nutrition Council Conference
National Ag Day
Stock Your Pantry the MED Way
Bitter Taste Could Be in Your Genes



Coronavirus and Food Safety
What's New with the Nutrition Facts Label
Olive Oil Shopping Tips
New Ball® Fermentation Kit
Critical Factors in Home Canning
More New Items from Ball®
Easter Ham Safety Reminders
Reasons for Canning/Seal Failures
Tips for an Egg-cellent Hunt!



Farmers Markets, Food Safety, and COVID-19
Food Science in Action Competition
How Safe is Grocery Shopping?
Ask an Expert!
Guidance for Face Masks
Practice Now for the Fair!
Food Preservation Online
Virtual Baking Instruction
Fighting Norovirus with Cranberries
Produce Traceability App



Some Misconceptions about Raw Milk
Working Together to Reduce Food Waste
Where's the Yeast?
Selling Food Direct to the Consumer
Local Foods Resources
Mind Your Peas and Carrots!
Out of this World...Meat?
Non-traditional Dining
From the Land of Kansas Survey
What is a Dough Conditioner?




Our Health and Food Behaviors During COVID-19
Online Grocery Deliver & Pickup Takes Off
Improving Chicken Meat Quality
Safe Recipe Contest
Eat Healthy, Be Active Community Workshops
The Consequences of Foodborne Illness
Feed Your Mind
Updated USDA Websites
Cherry Time!
What is Pinsa?



What is Cyclosporiasis? 
Canning Tomatoes: Don't Forget the Acid!
Why Do Home Canned Foods Lose Liquid?
Are White-fleshed Peaches Safe to Can?
Preserving Potatoes
Home Canning Mistakes
Reprocessing Home Canned Food
What are Pinholes in Canning Lids?
Tips to Prevent Jam from Separating
Mold Growth in Home Canned Food



Food Safety Education Month: Every Month!
Onion Recall due to Salmonella
Pressure Canning Done Right
Consumer Food Safety Education Conference
Take Time to Vent!
The Importance of Headspace in Canning
Urban Food Systems Symposium
Canning Tomatoes and Added Acid
Understanding "May Contain" Labeling Risks
The Search for Canning Supplies 



COVID-19 and Surfaces
2020 Urban Food Systems Symposium
Preserving Unripe Tomatoes
Another Reason to Get Up and Move!
Hand Sanitizers are not Drinks!
Halloween and COVID-19
CFSEC 2021 Call for Abstracts 
Willie and the Salad Bonanza
Fall Canning Tips
Don't Avoid Medical Care During COVID-19



After the Hunt
Food Policy Council Virtual Workshop
Food Pantries and COVID-19
When to Remove Jars from Canners
Home Canning Water
Safely Preparing Frozen Foods
New Handwashing Data
Are You in Charge of the Holiday Meal?
A COVID-19 Look at Home Kitchens
Honey Fermented Garlic May Be Risky




Storing Eggs Safely
New "Feed Your Mind" Materials
What is Aspergillus
All About Lettuce
Using Frozen Vegetables
Helping Kansas Entrepreneurs
Cleaning Silicone Baking Mats
White Spots on Home Canned Blueberries
Beware of Fraudulent Flu Products
What is syneresis?