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You Asked It


This is a monthly newsletter published by the 15th of each month.  News articles are based on questions received, current food safety issues, or information based on the time of year.

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Direct to Consumer/Farmers Market Conference
New Director of NCHFP
After a Food Recall, Cleaning is Key
Keep or Toss? Food Safety After Power Outage
Swirls of Spaghetti
What is Clostridium perfringens?
Venison Cuts and Cooking Methods
Raise a Safe Glass of Eggnog for New Year's Eve
What is Marmalade?



Self-Reported Physical Inactivity
Bake for Family Fun Month
A Winning Plan for Bowl Game Party Food
Home Baking Association Educator Award
Be Active Like an Olympian!
February is American Heart Month
KSU Physician Assistant Program Launches!
Fair Rules for Food Preservation
Using a Sponge vs. a Starter in Yeast Bread
Cleaning a Smelly Fridge



Getting Ready for Food Preservation
National Nutrition Month®
The Science of Charcuterie Meats
Food Safety in the Reel World
Walk Kansas 2022
New to Canning? Let Us Help!
Michigan State University Mobile Food Lab
Add Some Green Each Day
Food Safety and Food Preservation Resources
Kansas Nutrition Council Annual Conference



Food Prep When the Power Goes Out
Dietary Guidelines in Español
Pickled Asparagus Problems
Creating Food Safe Videos
Tips to Dehydrate Stone Fruit
Spring Leafy Greens
From Cabbage to Sauerkraut
Buying Guide for Kansas Fruits and Vegetables
Easter Ham Preparation
Let the Easter Egg Hunt Begin!



Shopping Tricks to Reduce Grocery Bills
BAC(k) to Basics Webinar
Canning Cured, Brined or Corned Meat, is it Safe?
Fair Judging Resources
Making Sourdough Starter
Dial Gauge Pressure Canners
Preserving Fruit Purees
Don't Forget to Vent!
Home Canning with Commercial Jars
Sand Hill Plum - State Fruit of Kansas



2022 IFIC Food and Health Survey Highlights
World Food Safety Day
What is Cronobacter?
Got Asparagus?
Canning in Odd Sized Jars
Produce Stickers May Go High Tech!
Blanching Vegetables
Bird Flu is Back
What is Alpha-gal Allergy?
Temporary Food Stand Guidelines



Food Safety at the Fair
2022 4-H/FFA Wheat Expo
Summer School for Consumer Food Safety Education
Do Not Can White-Fleshed Peaches
Preserving Mulberries
Check Your Pantry for Recalled Peanut Butter
5% Acidity Vinegar - the Gold Standard for Pickling
Reminders for Preserving Tomatoes
Making Jam & Jelly with Frozen Fruit
Why Fruit Jam Separates



Helpful Hygiene Education Resources
Why Do Home Canned Green Beans Get Cloudy?
Tips on Vacuum Packaging Foods
Will Pickling Bitter Cucumbers Save Them?
Back to School Food Safety!
Can I Add Bacon to Home Canned Green Beans?
Use the Pickle Juice Too!
Don’t Toss the Watermelon Rind!
Choose the Right Jar
Preserving Yellow Peaches



Food Safety Education Month - Food Thermometers
2022 Urban Food Systems Syposium
Willie and the Salad Bonanza Contest
Vegetable Prep Can Affect Flavor and Texture
Preserving Summer Squash
Can I Re-Can Commercial Food Products?
The Popularity of Mandarin Oranges
Cooking Chicken Wings Safely
Safe Kitchen Tips in Food Preservation
Preserving Pears