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January 2012

What are "Clean Label" Foods?
Restaurant Trends for the New Year
Homemade Egg Nog Safety
What Caused the Cantaloupe Recall?
Cheese Better than Butter?
National Soup Month
BPA in Soup Can Lining
What is Black Rice?
Slow Cooker Tips
Sugar...More Than a Sweetener

February 2012

Scoring Food Touchdowns!
MyPlate for Older Adults
Eat a Healthy Breakfast
Fresh Pineapple Pointers
Adding Zing with Citrus Fruit
Foodborne Illness Costs $77 billion Annually
Try Turnips!
February is Heart Month
Do You Know CPR?

March 2012

National School Breakfast Week
National Nutrition Month®
Kick Those SoFAS Off Your Diet
What is a Syllabub?
Carbendazim in Orange Juice?
LED Lights Extend Meat Shelf Life
iPAD "App" from CDC
Gulf Seafood Declared Safe to Eat
Too Much Sodium
Savor the Season 2012

April 2012

Nutrition Facts Labels on Meat
Food Safety Alerts via Twitter
Does Grapefruit Juice and Medicine Mix?
Frying Food in a Pressure Cooker
New for Jam & Jelly Makers
Raw Milk Causes Most Dairy-Related Outbreaks
Canning with a Propane Burner
Preserving Asparagus
Lean Finely Textured Beef
Enjoy a Glass of....Beet Juice!

May 2012

BPA Still Being Studied
Women's Health Week
Farmers Market Promotion Program
Food Desert Locator
The Bad Bug Book
Start Planning Now for Canning!
Make Your Own Portable Kitchen
Baking in Glass Canning Jars
Mission Foods Recall
Add Almonds to Breakfast

June 2012

Wash Reusable Cloth Bags
Cherry Pickin' Time!
What are Garlic Scapes?
Bake Sale Tips
New Resources from HBA
"Green" Nonstick Cookware
What are Pluots© and Apriums©?
Pack a Picnic...Safely
Liquid vs. Dry Pectin
What is Farro?

July 2012

Pesticide Residues Not a Safety Concern
Acidify Tomatoes for Home Canning
Quench Your Thirst with Water
Planning for Preservation
Happy Birthday to MyPlate!
Help for Joint Pain and Arthritis
How Much Pectin Do I Use?
Baking Pie in Disposable Pans
BBQ Sauce 101
Quit Smoking by Eating Fruits and Vegetables

August 2012

Food Safety for Children
Can I Make Yogurt at Home?
Why do Home Canned Foods Lose Liquid?
Spicy Tomato Vegetable Soup
Why do Cucumbers Taste Bitter?
KDA to Offer Food Safety Handling Classes
Canning Salsa in Quarts
Sequencing Genes of Foodborne Pathogens
English Muffins for the Olympics
How to Clean Your Dishwasher

September 2012

Food Safety for the Most Vulnerable
2013 National Festival of Breads
We Can!®
What are French Canned Tomatoes?
Canning Pumpkin Butter
Walk to Better Health
Global Handwashing Day
Home Canned Beets Cause Botulism
Egg Allergy Tips for Baking
Gifts for the Home Food Preserver

October 2012

Deciphering Ingredient Lists
Heart Healthy Recipes
Removing Stains on Plastic Food Containers
Stevia - A Low-Calorie Sweetener
America's Breadbasket
Reusing Plastic Food Storage Bags
Is Pigweed Edible?
Why Glass Cookware Shatters
Bread Dough Science
How to Clean Hard Surfaces

November 2012

An Apple a Day...
New Report on Obesity
Time to Talk Turkey!
Mrs. Wages™ Educator Kit
New Resources from MyPlate
Organic vs. Conventional Food Debate Continues
GMO Labeling in California
Ongoing Peanut and Peanut Butter Recall
Saving Fall Tomatoes
The FUNdamentals of Thanksgiving

December 2012

Blue Baby Syndrome
Teatime to Tailgates
It's About the Leftovers!
ChooseMyPlate Videos
Baking with Preschool Children
A New Version of Cracker Jack® Popcorn
Cilantro...Love It or Leave It
Gifts of Cookies
Tips for Freezing Pie
A Fix for Soggy Salad