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Rapid Response Center


January 2015

How Many Calories are on the Menu?
Energy Drinks and Kids
Can I Can in a Multi-Cooker?
Are You Prepared for Winter?
Toast New Year with Safe Eggnog
What's Cooking? USDA Mixing Bowl
Creating Consistent Flavors
Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire
January is Oat Month
The Power of Onions

February 2015

Little Change in Fast Food Nutrition
Healthy Recipes for the New Year
Webinar on Farmers Markets
SuperTracker is now Mobile
The Scoop on Sodium in Canned Foods
Top Heart-Healthy Diets
ABCs of GMOs
Top Foods for Potassium
Garlic- and Herb-Infused Oils at Home
Purple Heritage Collection Jars

March 2015

Plan the Garden to Preserve Food Later
Time to Test Pressure Gauges
Broccoli Leaves: The New Kale?
All American Pressure Canner Gauge
National Nutrition Month®
Restaurant Inspection Scores - There's an App!
New Ball Blue Book for 2015
New Research on Diet and Cholesterol
There May Be Milk in That Dark Chocolate
Eat Green in March!

 April 2015

The Thrill of the Hunt!
National Festival of Breads
Flaxseed and Cancer
Stuck in a Midday Slump?
Crickets - a Food for the Future?
Barbecue 101 Workshop
A Snack Bar for Every Taste
Food Allergies and Genes
Midwest Meat Processing Workshop
Hot Sauce Catches Fire!

 May 2015

FoodKeeper App to Reduce Food Waste
Fighting Food Fraud
Coffee Storage Tips
Drink Your Milk!
Juicing vs. Blending
The Next Protein Superfood? Water Lentils
A Salad a Day!
It's Strawberry Season!
Get the "Blues" with Blueberries

  June 2015

It's Fair Season!
Party Planning
Fighting Bacteria with Silver
Rapid Response Center Website Update
Cooking Basics with Create Series
Economic Burden of Foodborne Illness
How Clean is Your Desk?
Job Opportunities Expected to Grow
Make a Healthy Splash!
What is Your Health Worth?

 July 2015

Finding Hidden Sugar
Summer Grilling Graphics
Thyme for Flavor and Food Safety
An Apple a Day...
COOL May Not Be So Cool
Peanut Allergy in Infants
Get Kids in the Garden!
Pressure Canning High Acid Foods
Gardens in a Flood
Summer Squash Relish

  August 2015

The Future with High Pressure Processing
2016 Urban Food Systems Symposium
Why Do Cucumbers Get Bitter?
Food Preservation Workshops for Agents
What Makes Pickles Soft?
Safe Options for Pickles and Relishes
Reprocessing Home Canned Food
History of Bread & Butter Pickles
Food Safety for Kids Under 5
Harvest Time Apple Relish

  September 2015

New Fact Sheet on Monosodium Glutamate
September is Food Safety Education Month
Making Meat without an Animal
New Publication on Ground Beef Color
Update on Botulism from Potato Salad
Watermelon 101
Can Jam or Jelly be Made with Honey?
The Simple Eggplant
Start School Days with Breakfast
Caprese Pasta Salad

  October 2015

The "Added Sugars" Labeling Challenge
Sugar and Food Preservation
What's Your Heart Age?
Safe and Healthy International Travel
Including Food Safety in Recipes
A One Pot Meal on a Sheet Pan
Beyond Halloween Candy
The Versatile Cabbage
Egg Producers on Road to Recovery
October is Apple Month!


  November 2015

Top Turkey Resources
Communicating with Social Media
Gifts of Herb-Infused Oil
R Sports Drinks Needed?
Slice Food Safely!Caramel Apple Safety
Late Season Tomatoes
What is Your Health IQ?
Planning for a Power Outage
Safe Turkey Preparation Videos

  December 2015

Spiff Up for the Holidays!
Food Safety for Wild Game
The Sprouted Foods Trend
Yeast Dough Tip
Prepping Safer Produce
Multistate Outbreaks: Less Common, but More Serious
Food Pantries and Food Banks
Winter Menu Ideas
Prep Bakeware for Holiday Goodies
Baking Substitutions for any Holiday!