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Rapid Response Center



It's Cookie Time!
2016 Urban Food Systems Symposium
Equipment for Making Candy
Candy Thermometer Tips
Beat the Cold with a Hot Bowl of Oatmeal
What Makes Popcorn Pop?
Butter and Fats for Candy
What are Sugar Plums?
Celebrate Spaghetti!


Media Smart Youth: Eat, Think, and Be Active!®
2016 Farmers Market Conference and Workshops
What is a Healthy Eating Pattern?
Apply for a National Award!
Better Process Control School
Bake for Family Fun Month
Storing Food for Emergencies
Let's Talk Trash
Got "Voodles?"
Clearing the Confusion About Meat


Morel Mushroom Workshop
2016 Urban Food Systems Symposium
Meal Delivery Service Gaining Popularity
What is Cookie Butter?The Many Names of Sugar
The High Price of Vanilla
New Ball® Items for 2016
The Economic Burden of Foodborne Illness
When You Must Eat Gluten-free



Food Preservation Classes Scheduled
New Food Preservation Publications
Judging Foods and Food Preservation
Pretty Spring Peas
Are Easter Eggs Safe?
Nutrition Differences in Colored Peppers
What is Cultured Corn Sugar?
Cooking in a Pressure Cooker
Bone Broth vs. Stock
New Food Preservation Infographics



Plant a Salsa Garden!
2016 Kansas State of Wellness Symposium
The Science of Soap
Food Fun for Young Children
Are Avocado Pits Edible?
Would You Eat an Edible Fork?
Therapeutic use of Apple Cider Vinegar
Tips on Vitamin Supplements
IFT Food Facts
BBQ 101 is Back!



Celebrate Summer with a Picnic!
Food Preservation Classes in June
USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning
Put It Up! Curriculum
Commercial Jerky Recall
Safe Convenience Food Preparation
Xylitol and Your Dog
Eliminating the Gray
KDA Egg Grading Workshops



New Food Preservation Videos
Are Pesticide Residues a Risk?
Mason Jar Lid Pies
New Ball® Blue Book
Flavored Vinegar
Floating Fruit in Jam
Can Epsom Salt be Added to Jelly or Jam?
What is Mechanically Tenderized Beef?



It's Peach Season!
Wonderful Watermelon!
Back to School!
Sprouting Up: Wheat Foods for Kids
Try Shishito Peppers!
When the Power Goes Out, Can Food Be Saved?
Is Your Chicken Chewy?
Start with Good Food when Canning
Are All Disposable Wipes Equal?
Kids Eat Right Month™



Handling the Dough Safely
Is "Cooler Corn" Safe to Eat?
Food Safety Education Month
Prepare Kansas!
Warm Up with Waffles!
Prepping Vegetables for Freezing
To Double Dip or Not!
Preserving Pumpkin Safely
Backyard Poultry Safety



A New Steak in Town
Obesity Prevalence in 2015
National School Lunch Week
Preserving Venison Safely
Canned Pears Turn Pink
Canning Fruit Puree
MyPlate for Older Adults
Making Homemade Cheese



USDA Nutrient Database Expands
Happy Thanksgiving to You!
Outbreak Investigation with Flour is Over
Preventing Oven Burns
Halting Garlic Breath
Is It Safe to Re-Can Already Canned Food?
Mailing Food Gifts
The Size of Cast Iron Pans
Fighting Colds and Flu



It's Cookie Time!
Clean the Fridge for the Holidays
An Egg a Day May Reduce Risk of Strokes
Preserving Horseradish
It's Citrus Season!
Life Before the Food and Drug Administration
Blood Spots in Eggs
Sweet Potato vs. Yam
After the Hunt: Preserving Venison
Storing Holiday Leftovers